About the work

Liz's references are wide - drawn from the human body, history, art history, specific sites or botanical forms. Creating the sense of a living presence is an important thread running through the work, whether achieved through animation, performance or in sculptural form.

Multimedia installations                                     

Glass and projected animation and film. 

Evoking the experience of discovering mysterious objects they invite the onlooker to make sense of them through associations and stories. Drawing on family memorabilia, some of the pieces are responses to the experience of exploring a relative's house called Fairfield and its intriguing collections of toys, shells, geological samples, magic lantern slides, memorabilia of travels, Easter eggs etc., all amassed since the late 18th century. The pieces explore nostalgia, our need for narratives and the way we try to make sense of our roots by piecing together family history.

Family Tree  tells the story of my research into a family's journey from childhood in India, to growing up in Scotland and adulthood in England, where a new journey begins with the next generation.


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Sculptures which distil and exaggerate botanical structures while exploring resonances with the human body, as well as ideas drawn from visual and intellectual sources such as works by painter Hieronymous Bosch or early botanists Carl Linnaeus and Robert John Thornton. Some pieces are analogies for different stages of human life.






Hollow glass castings of figures, fossilizing movement to capture moments in time.






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